Re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC in third cycle

"Best College Award" by University of Mumbai (2011-12)

Community College (University of Mumbai)

ISO 9001:2015

Re-accredited with ‘A’ Grade by NAAC in third cycle

"Best College Award" by University of Mumbai (2011-12)

Community College (University of Mumbai)

ISO 9001:2015


Degree College Junior College

Degree College

Mission and Vision

  • Create awareness among students
  • Groom them through training programmes
  • Create an entrepreneur

Campus Placements

Year No. of students appeared No. of students selected
2011-12 421 111
2012-13 709 166
2013-14 750 134
2014-15 596 178
2015-16 780 265

Career Guidance and Placement Cell

Civil Defence

  • Civil Defense unit of the college in collaboration with Civil Defense unit Thane District every year organizes basic training course in Civil Defense.
  • NCC, NSS and general students and even outsiders are trained in the College
  • To give basic training in
  • First Aid

    Ekmontry Fire Fighting

    Self Rescue and general rescue techniques in case of Fire

    Earth quake


  • These students also service as Special officers on duty, at the time of Loksabha or State assembly
  • Ekectuibs ganpati visarjan, Navratri Visarjan, Shivjayanti Bandobast etc.
  • When District administration requires .
  • Every year 30 to 70 students are trained
  • They become eligible for further training in Civil Defense and to meet social responsibility incase of any calamity


  • Enhancing Mental Health and creating awareness about Mental health, amongst students and teachers.
  • Designing and executing ‘Community Development Programme’, for mutual growth.
  • Developing entrepreneurship skills amongst students.


  • Established in the year 2011
  • Has the aim of sensitizing students to the realities of our society
  • Activities include
  • Film screening

    Visits to old age home, animal hospital

    Lecture, dialog sessions

Extended services to various organization

  • VPM Polytechnic
  • K.V. School, Karanjia
  • NSS University level
  • R.K.T. College, Ulhasnagar
  • Aashramshala at Sakwar village
  • Eklavya a Nyasa deprived children
  • Ramkrishna Mission in Saphale
  • Parivartan Mahila Sanstha

Innovative Practices

  • MOU with Parivartan Mahila Sanstha
  • Appointment of Psychiatrist
  • Conduction of employment facilitation programme with placement cell and Lorel company
  • Workshops for teachers earn and learn programme
  • Formation of support group of parents of children suffering from delicate mental health
  • Workshop on “Teenagers: Issues and Challenges Related to Mental Health”

Number of clients sought help

Year Boys Girls Staff Member Outsiders Total
2011-12 77 94 5 16 192
2012-13 67 82 9 34 192
2013-14 64 131 13 7 215
2014-15 47 79 8 13 147
(First Half)
48 75 7 2 132

DLLE (Department of Life long Learning and Extension)

  • University recognized course
  • Established in 1978
  • Mission is “To Reach the Unreached”
  • Different activities are conducted to sensitize the students about the socio cultural realities
  • The students is awarded 10 additional marks

Our college offered following extension projects

  • Career skill
  • Statue of women survey
  • Activities include
  • Industrial orientation programme
  • Annuapurna Yojana
  • First year we had 100 students, this year we have 179 students

Film Society


Film Society

  • Our College is the first College to start Film Society in Mumbai as well as Maharashtra.
  • Inaugurated by the hands of Padmashri Shyam Benegal, Kiran Shantaram and Prof. Sudhir Nandgaonkar.


  • To introduce
  • Good direction
  • Good photography
  • Good acting
  • Good story
  • Aesthetic sense
    • ‘Oscar’ awarded movies
    • Students are becoming good film critics.
    • BMM faculty and Film society work together
    • It is open for all students of our campus (5 Colleges)
    • Conducted National Seminar on “Indian Cinema : Past, Present and Future”
    • The teaching staff of our College celebrated 100 years of India Cinema

New courses

  • Screen Writing
  • Photography
  • Voice Modulation and Sound Engineering
  • Creative Writing
  • Acting

Other Activities

  • National Seminar on “Indian Cinema : Past, Present and Future”
  • Film Appreciation workshop
  • Celebration of “100 years of India Cinema “


  • Sensitize senior citizen’s problems.
  • Aware about social responsibilities.
  • Bridge the generation gap
  • Understand the virtues and problem of old generation


  • Field visits
  • Essay Writing
  • Showing the film
  • Guest lectures


Teach students love and respect of Nature


  • Lecture
  • Tree plantation
  • Visit to Nature park
  • Awareness of Eco friendly festivals
  • Joint various NGO

Scholar's Academy

  • Inaugurated by Dr. Jeffery Armstrong from North America, a great follower of Vedic Philosophy
  • Aim: to create ‘Scholars’ “Intellectuals” and “Rational Being” who will be able to elevate themselves from information to knowledge to wisdom.

Special facilities

  1. Extra Coaching
  2. Extra library facilities
  3. Workshops, Conference, Seminar, group discussions, debates, brain storming session etc.

  • Focus is on holistic development which includes IQ, EQ and SQ.
  • One day Scholars’ Academy will be dissolved because all the members of college would become scholars.


  • To improve oratory skills
  • To develop writing, reading, speaking and listening skills
  • To conduct voice culture workshops
  • To organize guest lectures
  • To train the students for various literary arts and different level competitions

Programs conducted

  • Guest lectures
  • Workshop
  • Various competitions (Elocution, Dabate, Extempore, Essay, Slogan writing, Book Review presentation, Film Review presentation, Paper Columns and Interviews.

Prizes Won

Year 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize Consolation
2013-14 9 3 1 -
2014-15 7 - - 2
2015-16 10 5 1 7


In the year 2015-16, Joshi-Bedekar College won the “Youth Festival Overall Literary Championship Trophy”, which is for the first time in our college history.


Physical fitness, Mental concentrations, healthy competitive spirits, with the attitude of fair game, ‘sports Ethics ‘, managing the victory and ‘tolerating the defeat’

  • How to manage ‘Victory’ and tolerate failure
  • Value based competition
  • Special lectures are conducted on
  • Physical fitness




    Fair game, sportsman spirit

    Meeting with successful players etc.

  • We conducted Fitness Camp and Adventures Camp for our students
  • We have prepared 7 ground for 7 different games Namely
    (Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Vally Ball, Foot ball, Basket ball, Langadi and Tug-of-war)
  • Regularly our College conducts University tournaments of Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Mallakhamb and rope Mallakhamb, Best Physique, Langaddi, Chess competition.
  • Thus Sports Academy gives healthy, goal oriented self confident, sports men to the society
  • We have full fledged Gym along with Gymkhana
  • Special Gym for staff - members, in staff room
  • Organised Sports festival for the first time to promote and encourage sports culture among the degree students.

Important activities conducted by Gymkhana and Sports Academy

    Organized guest lecture by

  • Dr. U. N. Kendre, Director of Department of Physical education and sports University of Mumbai.
  • Abhilasha Mhatre, Arjun award winner and Asian games gold medalist Kabaddi player

Total numbers of Gold medal winner at Different levels for last 5 years

Year International National State Zonal University Intercollegiate Total
2011-12 - - 2 - 1 1 4
2012-13 - 1 2 - 3 1 7
2013-14 - 4 5 - 4 6 19
2014-15 Participated 1 1 1 - 3 12 17
2015-16 - 1 5 3 4 13 26

Special Achievement

  • Vallary Bukane Represented Indian University at World University Badminton (women) Championship held at Spain in July, 2014 and also Received TMC ‘Thane Gunijan Award’ at the hands of Mayor

Staff Academy

Staff Academy is a unique kind of academy in this College. run by the teaching staff, for Junior and Degree College.


  • Distinguished personality and get accustom to different subjects to keep updated
  • Achievements of the faculty members.
  • Demonstrate a goodwill at a faculty member’s departure.


  • Speeches
  • Discussions
  • Felicitations
  • Farewells

Following are some of the speakers

  • Dr. Uday Nirgudkar : Fourth elections in Maharashtra-A psychologist viewpoint
  • Dr. Ashish Bhoomkar : Useful tips on voice care
  • Mr. Nandkishor : Interactive session on How to become rich
  • Mr. Sanjay Jog : Current Global Crisis
  • Mrs. Vaishali Karmakar : Inter Cultural Communication
  • Mr. Girish Kuber : Oil, Major Developments, Terrorism and Energy war
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Mangala Narlikar : Pahilele Desh Bhetaleli Manase
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Mrudula Bele : Patents and Access to Medicine
  • Dr. Anil Awachat : Aple Jagne ani Apli Sanskriti

Speeches and performance by staff

  • Dynamic Parenting
  • Savitirbai Phule: Social Reformers of Century
  • Music and dance performance on the occasion of 100 years of Indian Cinema by the staff
  • A journey of Ballet on ‘Lilavati’
  • Folk Culture of Maharashtra
  • Play on Billori Malan, traditions and culture of Tribes Gadchiroli
  • Seminar on ‘Patients Safety’

Student's council

  • Students’ council is a link between students and professors.
  • Take care of discipline
  • Look after rules and regulations
  • Try to solve students’ problems at their level


Speak + Listen + Read + Introspect = Wisdom

Theme of activities

  • To organize discussions and debates on current issues
  • To call experts to interact with students
  • Book review competition
  • Magazine review competition
  • To visit relevant places

Swar Sampada

Swarsampada is a musical event for staff members under the guidance of Prin. Dr. Mrs. S.A. Singh. In April 2016, 5th Annual day program was celebrated and 18 swarsampada members presented their best ever songs with 2 group songs. In this academic year this musical journey started in the month of July 2016 with the theme of Rain songs. The 2nd program was conducted in August 2016 with the theme of Shankar Jaikishan songs. The theme of the next program was declared as songs after 1990.This year also we continued with the concept of Star Singers.

Talent Academy

  • Inaugurated by famous Marathi stage artist Shri Vikram Gokhale in 2006
  • Aim:
    • To recognize hidden talent of the students
    • To encourage participation in competitions
    • Realization of self confidence, sense of self achievement, self esteem and give society, the talented trained Artists
  • Organize workshop, training camp for Theatre, Singing, Dance etc. free of cost
  • Formed music group ‘Swaranjali’ and Theater group ‘Natyamay’
  • An experimental inter-collegiate One-Act Play Competition “Prayogshala 2014” was organized in Gadkari Rangayatan. 19 reputed colleges from Pune, Ratnagiri and Mumbai participated in the competition

Some of the highlights of achievements of Talent Academy

  • Our Natyamay Group won prestigious award of
    • Purushottam Mahakarandak
    • Maharashtra Times Karandak
    • Umbartha
    • Muranjan
    • Amdar Chashak 2014
  • ‘Indian National Theater’ (INT)
  • TYBMM (English) students won 1st prize for Commercial Advertisement Category in Bhumika International Film Festival
  • In 48th Youth festival by University of Mumbai our college won Overall Champion’s trophy at Thane Central Zone IV

Some of the achievements of Talent Academy member

  • Ashwini Sharma won 1st prize for Rangoli in Inter University Youth Festival at Ajmer and National Level Inter University Youth Festival.
  • Pawan Thakre Won Best Actor Award in various Inter collegiate One-Act Play competitions namely Lokankika, Muranjan, etc .
  • INT (Indian National Theater) 2016: (Media partner and Sponsored by Maharashtra Time)
  • Our theater Group ‘Natyamay’ won 1st Prize in INT for one Act Play ‘Asan Nasan’ (असण नसण)
  • Best Director award was won by our college students Pawan Thakare and Yugant Patil
  • Our play also awarded as
  • Best Actor and Actress
  • Best Set and light
  • Best poster
  • Best supporting Actor
  • Also won ‘Maharashtra Times Karandak’
  • International Film Festival : MAMI (Mumbai Academy of Moving Image)
  • Our TYBMM student Tushar Sawant participated in MAMI for his Short Film ‘yours lovingly’ Under age group 21st to 23th , total 7000 entries from all over India, which 11 selected and out of 11 only 7 short films


Grooming and moulding the young minds with Swamij thoughts and ideals.


  • Swadhayay varg
  • Group discussions
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Yoga and Meditation

Three months certificate course of Yoga is conducted every year by Yoga centre.

Vyas Sabha


Vyas Sabha

  • Exclusively for teachers. They meet once in a week to exchange intellectual thoughts
  • A topic is given before a week, to think and read


  • To create intellectual awareness of Socio, Economic and Political Problems
  • Knowledge should be reach the student community

Some of the Topics discussed are

  • Devotion or Blind Faith?
  • Future of Children in India
  • Time Management
  • Influence of Media on family life
  • Influence of advertisements on children
  • Issue of Kasab’s Death Penalty

Important activities conducted by WDC

  • General equity
  • Empowerment Activities
  • Health related programme
  • Self defense programme
  • Carrier oriented programme
  • Programme for Counselling Cell
  • Intercollegiate completion
  • Celebration of womens day
  • Conducted National Seminar on “Womens quest for equality in India”



Research Committee


Junior College

Arts Circle


Arts Circle

The Arts Circle had its first programme on 7th of July,2016. It was a collage of performing arts - songs, dances and instrumental. Two Warli painting workshops were conducted in which about 20 students participated. The Circle organised a dance and a singing programme. Two students participated in the Independence Day patriotic songs event at Gadkari Rangayatan on 15th of August. Two students were sent for elocution competion in Dyansadhana College.

Attendance Committee

In the first term the SYJC defaulters’ parents were called to meet the classteachers.In the second term the Attendance Committee called a meeting of the SYJC defaulters’ parents (alongwith the students), on the 11th of January, 2017. Parents met the respective class teachers.This enabled a personal communication of the parents and class teachers. The FYJC defaulters’ list was put up and parents were again asked to meet the class teachers. Letters were sent to parents who failed to attend this meeting. A second defaulters’ list of the FYJC students was prepared in February

Generation Dialogue

The following programmes were conducted in the academic year 2016-17:

  1. 1st July Speech by Prof. Usha Bal on Social Media and Students.
  2. 29th September 'Amrit' movie was shown to the students and discussion was done on the same.
  3. 29th November Essay writing competition was conducted on the topic :
    1. Responsibility of youngsters towards parents.
    2. Importance of parents in our life.
    3. Orphanage- Need of hour
    4. 10th December Speech by Anagha Deshpande on 'Discipline in the Life of Students.'

Indian Culture and Heritage

The committee conducted a programme on World Heritage sites of India. It also organized power point presentation for FYJC and SYJC student on 5th Oct 2016 in Kattyayan. Bodhigaya, Sanchistup of sarnath, Bhimbetaka caves of Madhya pradesh, Sun temple of Konark, Taxila and Nalanda University, Pattadakal and Jantar Mantar of Jaipur were sub topics. Entire programme gave valuable information to student.

Literary Association

The Literary Association of Junior College was inaugurated by Mr.Ashok Chitnis. A programme of kathakathan was conducted for the student’s.Two students participated in inter-collegiate competition organised by Pragati college, Dombivali. One student participated in intercollegiate elocution competition organised by SP college, Pune.Two students participated in inter-collegiate kathakathan competition organised by Vishwa Anand Gurukul college, Thane.Two students participated in inter-collegiate elocution competition organised by Dnyansadhana College, Thane.Literary Association celebrated Dr. Abdul kalam’s birthday (15th Oct.) as a ‘Reading Inspiration Day’.Poetry reading and essay writing competition was conducted for students.Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s birthday (11th Nov.) was celeberated as a ‘National Education Day’. Kumari Gargi Goregaonkar has won special prize for katha-kathan. G.Panditrao state level katha-kathan competition organised by Shree Samarth Vidyalaya, Thane. One day workshop on ‘Compeering skill’ by Prof. Santosh Rane was held for students.

Nature Club


Nature Club

Junior college Nature club was inaugurated by Dr. Sanjay Joshi on 21st July 2016. He delivered a speech on ‘How to protect environment in routine life.’ More than 100 students participated as volunteers. Various activities undertaken are as follows.

  • The volunteers of our college participated in Nature photography competition organized by Nisarg Mela and Netree jadhav won 1st prize in Thane region.
  • Nature club student’s group won 3rd prize for a street play (Impact of package water) organized by Paryawaran Dakshata Manch on 2nd October.
  • Our students participated in PowerPoint presentation organized by paryawaran shala on 22nd sep.2016
  • Volunteer attended a ‘Documentary show on Environment, organized by paryawaran shala at Gadakari Rangayatan on 9th Dec 2016.

Research Academy

In 2016-17 Research Academy of Junior College was inaugurated with the programme held in Kattyayan headed by Sandip Tendolkar,UNICEF Consultant for Maharashtra Government. Library orientation programme was organized for students of Arts and Commerce on ‘How to use books in various researches.SUDOKU competition was organized for Maths students by the research academy. “Problems to learn English language for other medium students’ and ‘Easy ways to learn English language” such type of topics were given to students, forming various groups of the students topics were given and told to do research on the topics.

Scholar's Academy

Junior College Scholars Academy organised an inaugural function on 4th July 2016.The Chief Guest of the programme was Ms.Vedvati Paranjpe, Professor of Psychology and member of Counselling Cell, who delivered an excellent speech on the topic “On the Threshold of Youth.”It was an interactive session as students shared their teenage problems and learnt that how to deal with it. We conducted 2nd programme on 13th December on Career and Guidance.Prof. Mahesh Patil and Mrs. Vimukta Raje guided our students regarding ‘Career in Media’. Both the speakers provided a lot of information regarding various options of career in media. Another programme on the topic ‘Teenage & Yoga’ was conducted on 24th Jan 2017. Chief Guest of the programme was Mrs.Vijaya Khare who influenced our students with her talent and experiences. Students actively participated in this session and learnt how to concentrate on studies with the help of yoga.

Speaker's Academy

The Speaker’s Academy held weekly sessions with its members starting from 30th June, 2016. On 16th of August, the Academy invited Dr. Ms. Gitoshree Deb to speak on “Effective Communication”. A session to discuss on women’s security vis-à-vis the movie ‘Pink’ was also conducted. A talk show on the topic “We Teenagers” was arranged on 2nd of December, in which parents and students discussed teenage issues face to face, with Dr. Mrs. Suchitra Naik playing the mediator. The Academy bought books in order to promote reading amongst its members. The mini library was inaugurated by Dr. Mrs. Shakuntala Singh.

Vyas Sabha


Vyas Sabha

The Vyas Sabha of Junior College started from 26th July 2016. Junior college conducts Vyas Sabha on every Tuesday at 4.55p.m. in the staff room. Various current issues like ‘Whatsapp and me’, ‘Indian cinema’ ,‘Pulanchi duravastha’, ‘Rio- Olympics 2016’, ‘Bharatiya Sananmadhe Rajkarniyancha Hastakshep’ ,‘Avayavdaan Shreshthadaan ’, ‘Bhondlyachi gaani’ , ‘Demonitisation’, ‘Selfeechi Nasha’ and so on were discussed by teachers. Till date 9 (nine) Vyas Sabha were conducted by Jr. College teachers. Teachers are actively and enthusiastically participating in the discussion of Vyas Sabha.